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Our translation services

Do you need to put across a clear and accurate message about your company's know-how and expertise in several languages, while adapting your text to the culture and legal requirements of your target country? Contact Lexicae Traduction! Our quality translations will help build your global brand image.

Our translators only translate into their mother tongue

Only native speakers understand every nuance and subtlety of their own language. To provide our clients with an additional guarantee of quality, our translators only work into their mother tongue.

Our translators have been carefully selected

Our lasting partnerships with experienced translators are built on trust. That's why our services are always of the highest quality. We select our translators based on their linguistic and technical skills, experience, specialisations and reliability. Each translator signs a service agreement to ensure they comply with our strict quality criteria. Lexicae Traduction can also sign a confidentiality agreement with clients if required.

Custom service

At Lexicae Traduction, our service is tailored to your needs. If you ask us to translate a legal contract, for example, we will approach it in a very different way to an advertising flyer. For legal documents, such as contracts or terms and conditions of sale, meticulous care and an eye to detail are essential. A marketing translation, on the other hand, should aim to reflect the spirit rather than the letter of the text. Lexicae Traduction always goes beyond the words to produce hard-hitting copy adapted to your target audience for value-added product communications. Adapt to win!


  • Sector-specific terminology

    Experts in their fields, our translators have an in-depth knowledge of industry terminology. We would not ask a translator specialising in chemistry to translate a legal document, for example.

  • Consistent terminology

    We apply a "triple lock" to ensure the vocabulary used in your translations is consistent:

    • Translation memories: we set up a database for each client, where we store your previous translations as a guarantee of quality and consistency.
    • Glossaries: since each company has its own business terminology, we create a separate glossary for each of our clients.
    • Single translator: your texts are always translated by the same translator to ensure consistent terminology and style every time.


Each translation is proofread to ensure it meets our quality standards. This service is provided by a second professional translator who checks the style and content of your translation. They also ensure the terminology is consistent, standardise the format, and make sure nothing has been left out. Lastly, they check if the translator has followed the client's instructions, when provided.